Sandown Town Forest


I took a trip over to Sandown Town Forest today. I headed that way specifically because I had seen mention of cliffs on mountain project. The trails were great! I got to explore about 1.5 miles of the system. I made my way over to Great Rock as is mentioned at Mountain Project and worked my way off trail to check out the cliffs. It seems that there is definitely potential for some climbing once the weather gets warmer. Unfortunately, as I had read online, there is a lot of graffiti on the wall.

I didn’t at first realize that these trails are right off of the Rockingham rail trail. This is the third little system that I have found that is tied in with the rail trail. I’ll have to focus more attention on the rail trail to seek out more systems like this.


Near the end of the hike we came out into some big snow fields that Ziggy was nice enough to pose in.