Monthly Archives: February 2016


Amesbury Town Forest – Amesbury, MA

Amesbury Town Forest in Amesbury, MA offers a tangled network of trails with winding switchbacks navigating short/steep hills and wide tracks tracing the edges of a marsh. The trail map is well laid out on openstreetmap showing the various trails and terrain. I’ve started to expand my search out a bit further than before. Previously I had been focusing within… Read more →


Snowshoe Trail – Epping, NH

Took a short walk on the snowshoe trail in Epping, New Hampshire today. I’m calling it the snowshoe trail for lack of any other information about it online besides what I gleaned from openstreetmaps’ trail layer. This was one that I wasn’t overly optimistic about. It seemed short on strava with only the openstreetmap trail map showing a trail. No strava data… Read more →