Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area – Dover

Bellamy River WMA

What a day! The high temperature I saw today was 61F. I had some errands to run in Newington today so this morning I decided to look for some new trails in and around Great Bay. I found a NH Wildlife Management Area trails system, the Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area, right along the Bellamy River in Dover and decided to visit.


Waterfowl Impoundment


I had rushed out of the house this morning and was not prepared for the conditions. The nice warm weather was a double edged sword. A lot of the trails are in exposed fields which, previously frozen, had begun to thaw. Mud, mud, and more mud. Most of the trails in the woods were still snow/ice covered so having my microspikes worked for all conditions.


Wooded trails still had snow/ice on them


I decided to stick to the outermost loop and ended up covering about 3 miles of trails. The lack of terrain here is made up for by the varied habitats. The tidal shores of the river, wooded groves, and broad meadows made for a very enjoyable hike. It reminded me a bit of Adams Point.


Beautiful View of the Bellamy River