Piscassic River Wildlife Management Area – Exeter

Well, all of my hikes can’t be exciting and new. I’ve been utilizing the NH Wildlife Management Areas Map recently and have had a few wins with the Bellamy River WMA and the Deer Hill WMA. Not so much with the Piscassic River WMA that lies in Exeter, Newfields, and Epping.


Piscassic River WMA

Piscassic River WMA


I hate to use the word bored to describe a trip into the woods…but that’s what I was. The trail, more a class six road, was straight as an arrow and flat as could be. The WMA map showed several trails that no longer exist because of a recent logging operation so I ended up having to do an out an back.


flat, flat, flat


I just yesterday updated the site to have a new rating system and will include them from now on in my posts. Well here it is: one fox.



These trails have brought to light another criteria that I need to use when rating trail systems: How likely is it that I will go back. With all of the other amazing trail systems that I have been finding recently it is not likely that I will head back to the Piscassic River WMA.