Hodges Conservation Area – Kensington, NH

Another beautiful hike in Kensington. This time my wife was able to join Ziggy, my son, and I and we set about exploring Hodges Conservation Area.

Trailhead on Moulton Ridge Rd in Kensington

After finishing my hike at Millhouse trail earlier this week I met and chatted with Rob, the owner of Travel and Nature in Exeter. A great little shop by the way! stop in if you get a chance. He mentioned the Hodges Conservation Land and the miles of trails awaiting exploration.


Breaking Trail


Well he was right. The trails were great! We ended up breaking trail after all of the fresh powder today. Only a few of the trails were blazed, but the rest were easy enough to follow, even with the fresh snow.




One improvement that I may suggest for this trail system would be to put in some, even rudimentary, foot bridges for some of the stream crossings. Right off the bat we had to find our way across a 5′ wide stream. Which normally wouldn’t have been that big an issue but with snowshoes on, trying to decide whether something was a snow covered rock or would results in a wet foot, and¬†carrying a baby, it would a simple foot bridge would have been nice.

Beautiful Bluebird Skies.

We ended up doing a counter clockwise loop of the trails that I had seen on Strava. I also found a map at the Rockingham County Conservation District(RCCD). I am starting to find that I trust Strava data more that some of the official maps that I’m finding online. The trailhead that we used today on Moulton Ridge Rd isn’t shown on the RCCD map. Got to love community¬†sourced data!




The one negative thing affecting this trail system was the aforementioned lack of foot bridges. I am excited to back in the summer to see how different they look in the summer!