Piscassic Greenway

We explored the Piscassic Greenway (not to be confused with the lesser Piscassic River WMA) today. It was cold, snowy, and blustery.

Piscassic Greenway Trail Map - Newfields, NH

Map is not up to date. There are a few more trails shown on the map at SELTs website.


I have explored these trails previously having found them while biking on the Rockingham Rail Trail. After finding the trail map on SELTs website we headed over the trailhead on Bald Hill Rd in Newfields. We had never gone in from this direction so I was excited to explore some new trails in this area.

Piscassic Greenway - Newfields, NH

Cold, Blustery, Snowy Day

Unfortunately because of the weather the hike felt rather rushed. The trails are beautiful crossing some streams on well built bridges, going through giant hemlock groves and weaving past and through old stonewalls.


Piscassic Greenway - Newfields, NH

Windswept snow on the pond


The trails do continue further north to Schanda Dr in Newmarket. I’ll have to head back at some point to check it out.

Piscassic Greenway - Newfields, NH

Well posted trail junctions

The one point of caution that caught me by surprise on an earlier trip was the ‘winter access only’ trail Neal Mill Rd. I’ve never been able to cross here, and I’m assuming with the warm winter we’ve been having that it is still not passible at this point.


Piscassic Greenway - Newfields, NH

Beautiful old stonewalls