Lamprey River Preserve – Durham, NH

What a day! Bright sunshine, 30°F, and no wind. Quite a contrast to yesterday’s weather. Today we went out an explored The Lamprey River trails in Durham, NH. These are Nature Conservancy trails and were beautiful.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Lamprey River Nature Conservancy

The trail started along, what I presume to be, an access road. With all the fresh powder we had last night I followed along in some fellow hiker’s snow shoe tracks.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Broken Trail

Quickly I was brought out into a big sun filled farmer’s field. I could only imagine how cold it would have been here yesterday with the winds.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Wide open fields

Along the way we stopped in to see an old cemetery. Time has definitely taken it’s toll on the head stones as I wasn’t able to find any legible dates or names.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Old Cemetery

Further down we came to a railroad trestle. I recalled swimming here in college. I did not have a copy of the Lamprey River Trail map on my phone, but I recalled from looking at it earlier during the day that the trails continued both up and downstream. I continued to follow the other hiker’s tracks and meandered up stream along the frozen shore of the Lamprey.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Frozen river.

Across the way I saw views of the Doe Farm trail system that I have visited on several occasions. I have yet to do a review of those trails. Perhaps later this week I’ll take a snowshoe out there.

Lamprey River Nature Preserve

Lamprey River

I’m giving the Lamprey River Nature Preserve 3 foxes. While the trails are out and back and on the shorter end there is a good variety of scenery and I am likely to return in the summer to do some swimming.


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