Kingman Farm – Madbury, NH

Kingman Farm in Madbury has a trail system with 6+ miles of trails on varied terrain following river banks, traversing wooded hills, and crossing wide open fields. You can access the very accurate trail map through UNH. These trails are great for running, biking, cross country skiing, as well as snowshoeing:


I ran the Acidotic snowshoe race here on Saturday night and it kicked my butt. Wow. This was my first time running a snowshoe race and lesson learned: use racing snowshoes. I wish I had my camera with me at the start to capture the absurdity of my MSR Denali Ascents among everybody else’s Dion snowshoes. I’m not one for making excuses(but i’m going to anyways): the added 1/2 pound per snowshoe and just pure clunkiness of my snowshoes I’m sure did not help in my endeavor.


That being said, it was a hoot! If it weren’t for the rain coming tomorrow(boo!) I would have planned on heading out to Acidotic’s Exeter Snowshoe Hullabaloo race this coming weekend at the Henderson-Swazey(Fort Rock) trails.


I’ll definitely be doing this race again next year…with racing snowshoes.


Map and Stats