Snowshoe Trail – Epping, NH

Took a short walk on the snowshoe trail in Epping, New Hampshire today. I’m calling it the snowshoe trail for lack of any other information about it online besides what I gleaned from openstreetmaps’ trail layer. This was one that I wasn’t overly optimistic about. It seemed short on strava with only the openstreetmap trail map showing a trail. No strava data at all. Although it was short, about a 1/2 mile, it really surprised me.

Snowshoe Trail Map Epping, NH

Lamprey River Floodplain

It was along the Lamprey River and was beautiful! I don’t know that I’ll be going back to visit any time soon but it was a nice short hike for a cold day.

Snowshoe Trail Map Epping, NH

Ziggy along the banks of the Lamprey River

We saw a lot of evidence of beaver along the banks. A few busy beaver had made some good progress on a red oak on the opposite bank.

Snowshoe Trail Map Epping, NH

Red Oak

The river was flowing well with nice layering of ice above and below the surface of the water.


Snowshoe Trail Map Epping, NH

More work by beaver.


Map and Stats