Dalton Town Forest – North Hampton, NH

Dalton Town Forest in North Hampton, NH is a short, unassuming trail system. While the system only contains around a 1/2 mile of flat trail, as you walk through the woods you can stare out into seemingly endless mixed hardwood forest. The surrounding properties give this small parcel a much larger presence. The trail map can be found on North Hampton’s website.

Dalton Town Forest Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Wide wooded paths

While walking in the woods we saw signs of many species of wildlife. Cottontail and squirrel tracks and Ziggy was excited to be the first to find the pile of deer droppings. He would probably rate this hike a bit higher than my 2.5 foxes.

Dalton Town Forest Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Towering Hemlock Groves

This is my last day home on paternity with my son and these past few weeks have definitely felt stretched out because of our explorations. While I may slow down now with finding new trails, I plan to continue to add updates of new obscure trail systems that I find in the greater seacoast area.

Dalton Town Forest Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

One of North Hampton’s many wonderful trail systems.


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