Smith Woodlot – Newfields, NH

Smith Woodlot Trails - Newfields, NH

Smith Woodlot Trails – Newfields, NH


I had this week off to spend time with my 6 month old son before he starts child care next week. We went on a stroll through Smith Woodlot per the suggestion of my husband. He asked me to take pictures so I could share them here.

First off, my directions were to drive to the end of Baker Street. Just to clarify (because getting out of the car and then back into the car moments later with an infant is a huge pain in the keister – glad the hubby answered the phone at work before I bundled the little guy up), if you go to the end of the road where you can see a tower, you’ve gone too far. You want to pull into the parking area on the right, directly after the first couple of houses on Baker Street. It is not immediately apparent that the trails start here.

Smith Woodlot Trails - Newfields, NH

Don’t park here!

Smith Woodlot Trails - Newfields, NH

Park here!

This is a family friendly trail system, as the trails are wide, very well cleared and easy to follow. There are no blazes to mark the trails, but it’s not necessary. When you’ve walked to the furthest point, there is a gate and you can see a pond. If you were to continue walking past this gate for about 5 minutes, you would enter the Rockingham rail trail.

Smith Woodlot Trails - Newfields, NH

Continue walking straight (to the right of the pond) and it would bring you to the Rockingham rail trail

I give this a 2 fox rating because there wasn’t anything super exciting about this trail. It would be an easy trail for newly walking infants to waddle around on. We walked about half of the trails (1.25 miles) in just about half an hour.

Smith Woodlot Trails - Newfields, NH

Nice wide trails

Before we got back to the car, on our way past the trail kiosk, I heard a train coming. The tracks are right there and the Amtrak came past. This would also be fun for a child to watch.


Note from Tom:

I haven’t found a good trail map for the Smith Woodlot online. Strava Heat Map has some good tracks and the kiosk at the trailhead has a more stylized than functional trailmap:

Smith Woodlot - Newfields, NH Trail Map

Smith Woodlot Trailmap


Map and Stats