New Development

I’ll try to keep this short: Support conservation efforts in your towns.

I have lived in Stratham for the past 3 1/2 years and have seen 5+ new housing developments being built. Tracts of beautiful woods, open fields, and uninterrupted nature that were destryoed.

While on a run this morning I saw a new sign for a housing development that is going in on Winnicut Road in North Hampton. Two years from now this beautiful field will look like much of the rest of seacoast New Hampshire with cul-de-sacs and mcmansions.

Recently with the help of SELT – Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire the residents of Stratham overwhelmingly voted to purchase a conservation easement on a property abutting Stratham Hill Park. This helped to not only prevent possible development but it also conserved many beautiful miles of trail.

Please support conservation efforts in your local towns so that we may preserve what is left of our natural seacoast.