Booker and Dustin Farms – North Hampton, NH

What do I love than finding new trails? Finding new trails with just a few miles of my front door! I braved the cold today and took a short ride over to explore the trails at Booker and Dustin Farms in North Hampton. The trail system is really under the radar with the main trailhead off of Buckskin Ln, a dead end cul-de-sac that I have driven passed dozens of times. Parking just on the side of Buckskin Ln, a sign is visible marking the Booker and Dustin Farms, a North Hampton Forever Property. Just a mere 20 feet off of the road on a well maintained trail there is a large trail map showing the trail system.

Booker and Dustin Farms Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Booker and Dustin Farms Trails – North Hampton, NH Sign off of Buckskin Ln in North Hampton

I have poured over many resources online and have looked at North Hampton’s Conservation Parcels & Easements several times. In fact it’s this document that lead me to Dalton Town Forest and Forest Hill Farms. I had somehow overlooked the trail system at Booker and Dustin Farms. I was pouring over some satellite images as I am wont to do and saw what looked like a trail off of Buckskin Ln. After some research I found reference to it in the above mentioned guide.

Booker and Dustin Farms Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Weathered Booker and Dustins Farm Trail Map

The original plan for the day was to go explore the trails with my son but due to the cold I decided to just head out with my dog. My opinion of this trail system may be swayed a bit by both the excitement for finding new trails so close to home and the beautiful snow that was falling as we explored.

Booker and Dustin Farms Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Well maintained and marked trails

The trail system itself consists of about 1.5 miles of trail. I was surprised to find that the trail connected through to another road, Red Fox Road. As we passed beneath the powerlines I could hear the crackling of the snowflakes hitting the lines. It was an eerie experience. While we did the outer loop along the Yellow and Red trails, a blue trail intersects the roughly 50 acre parcel. The trails are all very well marked with blazes and signs. It seems that is was the work of an Boy Scout’s Eagle project nearly a decade ago. The trail map at the trailhead good use an update. The map is well weathered from the years and while readable could be replaced.

Booker and Dustin Farms Trail Map - North Hampton, NH

Historic Town Boundary Marker

While there is a lack of terrain, the trails are sinuous with enough change in forest type to keep them interesting. I will definitely come back with my family in tow to explore these trails in warmer weather. An interesting town boundary marker and informational stop lie near the northern most portion of the trail system



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