Great Bog – Portsmouth, NH

I took a hike earlier this week out to explore Great Bog in Portsmouth, NH. I have found a few maps of the parcel but no good trail maps. The best map that I was able to find was this PDF:


It shows an overlay of the boundaries with some old class VI roads. Looks specifically at the purple “Portsmouth, City of” parcel in the southwest corner of the map. The trailhead is off of Buckminster Way. It is well marked with a sign. Here is a screenshot from my strava segment that I made of the hike with some more defined ‘trails’:


great bog portsmouth, nh trail map

great bog portsmouth, nh trail map

The ‘trail’ itself is an old road with few offshoots/branches. It gets wet, as the name of the land implies. I wore my boots and was happy for it.

great bog portsmouth, nh trail map

The trail gets wet occasionally.

The majority of the walking is under powerlines. There are a few nice waypoints along the hike. There are some cellar holes, an old apple orchard, and some nice views of a pond/the bog.

great bog portsmouth, nh trail map

Cellar Hole

I didn’t see much wildlife on my hike, but I’m sure when birds are actively migrating that this would be a wonderful wayside for them and birders to see them.

great bog portsmouth, nh trail map

The wooded sections of the hike were nice.

The trail itself isn’t much to draw me back, but it did feel like I was far removed from rt 95 and 33 which are almost always with earshot. It is worth a walk, after a dry spell.



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