Other Resources

While I’ll keep adding trail systems to this page, I don’t have time to add them all. Here is a list of other great resources that I use for finding new trails:


Barrington Town Trails

The Town Of Barrington has a lot of conserved property and has a nice listing of maps on this site.


Essex County Trail Association

I just recently found this one! This website is very similar to what I would like to achieve for the greater New Hampshire seacoast.


Lamprey River Advisory Committee

Hover over the Recreation tab and select the town of your choice


NH Wildlife Management Areas

Very nice online map application with information about different parcels and well produced maps. My only qualm with their maps is that I’ve found that the trail systems are not always shown accurately.


Overpass Turbo Map

An openstreet map query that I put together to highlight the path layer.


Seacoast Explores

Another local runner/trail enthusiast has put this website together with pictures/links to trail systems in the area.


Strava Heat Map

I have found several new unlisted trail systems by browsing around. Play around with using Bike, Run, and Both as your datasets. I believe Strava is most used by bikers so I’ve had the most luck using the Biking Data. Some trails are really faint so you really need to be zoomed in as far as you can go to find them. This is the best bet for finding obscure trail systems. For example this is how I found the Breakfast Hill Rd Trails in Greenland, NH.


– Outdoor First Aid Guide

Here is an outdoor first aid guide that was shared to us from some elementary school students. A good read before any adventures in nature.


Have other resources that are useful for finding trail systems?


Let us know and we’ll add them here.