Millhouse Trail – Kensington, NH

This review may be slightly influenced by the poor experience I had at the Piscassic River WMA earlier this week but I had a smile on my face for the entire hike in Kensington today. Let’s start with the rating: four foxes!



This trail system had a little bit of everything. Great terrain, loop trails, great scenery, streams, bogs, and more. And most importantly, this is a trail system that I would love to go back and visit.


After getting rained out yesterday, what a February by the way, I headed down to Kensington to explore some new trails that I initially found on Strava. Further research found a map from Rockingham Planning Commission. I didn’t quite know what to expect but was pleased to find well maintained trails that were well marked.


Meetinghouse Trail Map


Steep Hills!


About halfway through the hike today I found a nice little bog with a beaver dam and evidence of a small heron rookery.

Beaver dam and heron rookery

The outlet stream had well built bridges in both places that I crossed it.

This along with the Bellamy River WMA are two of the trail systems that I am most excited to revisit.


Well built bridges