Stratham Hill Park

What a difference a day makes! After hiking at Millhouse Trail in Kensington yesterday morning I went for another hike in Stratham Hill Park.


Well, here is yesterday:

55F and clear trails!

And here is today:

Today: 6+” of fresh powder!


I am so lucky to live within walking distance of the trails at Stratham Hill Park. I sometimes take it for granted that I have such easy access to one of the, in my opinion, best trail systems in the seacoast. I have explored every inch of trail in the park and love them but I sometimes, shudder, ‘get bored’ with the trails. This is part of the reason that I started Find My Trail was to explore new trail systems.


There is nothing like a fresh dumping of powder to completely transform and revitalize my excitement with some well known and worn trails. After suiting up and getting my son situated in his carrier we brought Ziggy out for a walk on the trails. I barely recognized them in places. Saplings were so weighted by snow that their tops were brushing the ground and in many completely blocking the trail. It was so much fun!


Hopefully winter is back for the time being and we’ll get to enjoy Stratham Hill Park.


Map and Stats