Rating System

That’s my dog, Ziggy, in the header image. He’s a good boy, most of the time.


Ziggy and I have been on a lot of hikes together. While he and I may disagree about what constitutes a good hike*, he was the inspiration for the Find My Trail rating system: foxes.




We call him the mountain fox and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to have a fox rating system. The ratings are purely subjective but I try to keep the following in mind when rating the trail systems:


– Trail System Length

– Habitat Diversity

– Unique Features

– Views

– Terrain

– Likeliness to return



Those trails that exemplify many of the best qualities of a trail system as outlined above will earn the coveted Golden Fox Award.This award is given to trail systems that four foxes just isn’t enough. The Sweet Trail in Durham, NH is a prime example of a Golden Fox worth trail system. This trail system is one of those systems that draws on all that an amazing trail system really should have. Beauty, diverse terrain, amazing views, well constructed trails, and leaving one with the consuming desire to go back and visit again. You’ll notice if you head over to FMT’s Map all Golden Fox recipient trails will be denoted by a gold (actually yellow because of google maps limited map marker selection) pin.




Do you disagree with any of my trail ratings? Good! Leave it in the comments section of any of my trip reports and we’ll start a lively discussion around the merits of our local trail systems!



* Ziggy likes to eat stuff he finds on the trail and would factor ‘trail snacks’ in pretty highly. I prefer trail systems with fewer occasions for him to get into trouble. PSA: please clean up after your dogs on trail :)